Lord, Hear my Prayer

That’s the thing you’ve been praying for, fasting for, dreaming for.
He has it.
He will give it.
In his time.
In his way.
Simply because that’s what he does. You are fully seen. Fully known and wait for it, fully loved. The author and finisher of life is not deaf to your prayers.

We call, screaming,“help!” I do this most days, and he answers. That’s how it works. When Elianah my daughter screams,“Daddy!” I run to her aid. Well, why would you, a child of God, yell and scream for help and your Father not do the same?

So, my prayer is that faith would arise in you. Fear would leave you. Doubt would get behind you.

The Miracle working God who parted seas. Who fed thousands, with a little boy’s happy meal, is still alive and well.

A newborn baby.
The exact amount of money needed and prayed for sitting in the mail, just in time.
A sunrise.
A morning where God’s mercy is new because we used up all of yesterday’s.
My sister walked away from a totaled car accident.
My friend born deaf. God opened his ears after a prayer, now a worship leader.

You may need a job. You may need a place to call your own.
Direction. Peace.
He has it.
Trust him for what you need. Ask Him for what you want. Thank Him for what you have.
Common Denominator: Him. It’s all about Jesus.
The Miracle Maker. The Miracle Worker.

Slave to sin; Now set free. Broken and crushed; Whole and complete. Lost and confused; Found and at peace.
Who did this? Dr. Phil? An Oprah show? Self help book?

Nope. Jesus.

Look and lock your eyes on him, your miracle is on its way.

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