My little girl Elianah and I have a tradition on Saturday mornings, besides finding the closet garage sale in our neighborhood.  We love to feed the birds!  We go to the local seed store where they have free popcorn but don’t tell mommy El get’s popcorn for breakfast.  We buy a big bag of seed and come home.  One by one we take all of the feeders down in the back yard and El fills them up with seed again. Throughout the week we have the joy of watching all the different birds and one crazy squirrel enjoy our supply. Cardinals are our favorite. As I open up the bag I always tell Elianah, “Jesus said IF God takes care of the birds of the air He will take care of us.” Sweetly she replies, “Yes Daddy, I know.”


It’s a good reminder for all of us though, not just my precious three year old, that God is our Provider not our places of employment.  We should remain thankful for them and that He provides the work of our hands but He is the reason all our needs are met. Years ago I needed a miracle.  God supernaturally gave me my financial miracle.  You may not believe this but it happened none the less.  There was a month while I attended Bible School and was making minimum wage while working in the church bookstore.  God SUPERNATURALLY gave me two free round tickets from TWA, a car, used but a car, $4,000 and my entire second year of school was paid.  That was all in ONE month!  That did NOT come from my paycheck aka my job.  That came from my GOD!  What are you believing Him for today?


He WILL PROVIDE!  He loves you…you can trust Him with your future…and your NOW.

 Matthew 6:26

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in the barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not much more valuable that they are?”

One comment

  1. Gabriele · July 6, 2014

    Written just for me! Oh how I needed to be reminded of this!


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