He is with you

GOD is as close to you as the air you’re breathing.


He sees the hurt.

He knows the trouble.

He knows your rent is due and you don’t have enough.

He knows you need peace in your home and in your family.

He knows your doubts and your struggles. He knows what keeps you up at night.

He is there with you.  The ALL knowing, ALL seeing God is present in your NOW!

What do we do then?  You ASK FOR HELP.  When you ask for this supernatural help He will give it to you.

Jesus said this. Whatsoever things you desire…sounds like anything you need…Believe you receive it and YOU will…(wait for it)…HAVE IT! KC didn’t say that… JESUS said that!   If JESUS said it you can count on it happening.  Mark 11:24

He hears you.

He loves it when you believe Him for things.

For without faith it’s impossible to PLEASE God!  Heb 11:6

So Believe my friend and pray with a full heart of faith knowing that He loves you.  He hears you and reaches out with the hand of grace and mercy.  We in faith must say,”That’s mine.” Then Praise Him before and when the answer comes.

REAL…SUPERNATURAL…HEAVENLY HELP!  It’s yours. Just ask! What are you waiting for?

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