It really does work. You don’t hear a lot about it.  It’s shrugged off, looked over, and swept under.  It’s something that changes everything. Thankfulness

Several years ago I was the producer for a nationally syndicated morning show, among a long list of other responsibilities; my job was to screen hundreds of calls every morning.  I would listen intently for radio gold, this was an 800 number that received calls from 47 States, some calling to comment about a story we had just aired, calling for prayer or to speak with one of our pastor’s. Here’s the point…it didn’t matter how bad my week had gone or what was going on in my life. After being on the phone for only FIVE minutes I was SO thankful for all my problems because after hearing the stories of others for only FIVE minutes I had ZERO issues.

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”  

I Thessalonians 5:18

I’ve tested this out in my own life for sure.  I get why it’s the “WILL OF GOD” for our lives! Here’s the picture…your driving to work and you start complaining maybe not out loud but internally. “This stinking traffic!”  “What the car needs an oil change already?” “I want a new car, look at that car?” “What do they do for a living?”  You go on…and on…and on.

Flip it around!  “Well, good morning GOD!”  “I’m so thankful I have a JOB. It’s not the best pay but I get to GO to work.”  “This car isn’t the greatest but it’s PAID for!”  “God, thank you for the warm bed I slept in last night, the coffee this morning and that bagel with cream cheese.”THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You get the picture!

It’s just the difference in FOCUSING, sometimes hard, on what you DO have instead of focusing on what you DON”T have. What if we just spent some real time in thanksgiving mode?  Try thanking God for all the big things, like your health to something small like a hot shower.  Create your own list!  I get why this is “THE WILL OF GOD!”  You may not be where you want to be but thank GOD you’re not where you once where. You may not have what you want to have but thank GOD for what you do have.

It’s something that changes everything. Thankfulness!

“Thanksgiving is the language of heaven, and we had better start to learn it if we are not to be mere dumb aliens there.” – A.J. Gossip

“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.”
– Harry Ironside

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  1. · November 14, 2014

    Very neat story … pray all is well with you and your family … give me a call sometime …

    God Bless ..

    Curtis Wolfe Director Premier Platinum Pacesetter Illuminate Leadership Team – Powered by USANA (210) 232-8516


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