The Best Gift

She was a joy!  She had a smile from ear to ear and oh how she loved  Jesus.  He was the reason her smile was always bigger than the state of Texas.

She stopped by the church on a Friday as I was working.  She drove by just to give me a hug and tell me how sorry she was for missing my father’s funeral.  I remember the day.  I remember that hug.

She was on the radio that coming Sunday.  I listened while I ironed my shirt for church.  She shared how sure she was that heaven had cotton candy clouds.  REAL clouds made of cotton candy.  I laughed, “Only Julie!” I thought.  I almost called to tell her that I loved her and to thank her again for stopping by the church on that Friday.  I wish I would have…because by the following Friday…she was gone.  I heard stories from friends on how people from all over rushed to the hospital to pray for her.  In the midst of the crowded hospital waiting room that day someone spoke up as friends and family had gathered saying, “Guys, you know Julie, if she gets one glimpse of Jesus she’s not coming back to us.”  He was right.

Hundreds of us gathered, not one empty seat, to celebrate her life.  It was truly something to hear the stories of how God was with us in the form of this friend we called “Julie.”  The day was bright and beautiful, a reflection of her, we released balloons as our final earthly good-bye.  It was so much a celebration!  It was the way she would have wanted it, the way she lived her life, one big “Celebration!”  I was so taken in by the moments there that I forgot to grieve, the reality of earth’s loss and heaven’s gain however hit me hard on the drive home.  I remember pulling over to the side of the road to let the tears flow, I cried buckets.  My love ran deep for this treasured friend.

Years later her name came up in conversation.  Amazing, how a comment from someone can actually take your breath away and make time stand still momentarily.  “KC, recently I was able to read some of Julie’s old prayer journals” she confided, “and your name is written everywhere.  She prayed for you KC.  She called on God many times for you.  She really loved you KC.”  My heart sunk, I had no words.

The Gift.

That day, knowing that Julie had prayed for me and knowing who I am now and remembering who I was, reflecting on her prayers, each one had come to pass.  I believe with all my heart our prayers are never wasted.  They are tangible, powerful, and life giving and those prayers last longer than we do.  They cover us, surround us, and continue on long after we leave this earth.  I’m the minister, father, husband that I am because of “the Gift”, the precious gift of an uttered prayer on my behalf.

So Julie, I don’t believe they have blogs in Heaven but THANK YOU!!  I have names in my journal who I’m speaking the Word over and crying out for them just as you did for me.  I love and miss you and all these years later, I am still beyond thankful for your gift.

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  James 5:16



  1. Patty Garrett · June 15, 2016

    Thank you for sharing!! Oh, if we all had a friend like Julie!! God bless you KC and your precious girls and your awesome ministry!!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Sean · June 15, 2016

      This was beautifully written, KC. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a lovely word of encouragement and testimony! It’s good to see you writing again,


      • KC Wright · June 16, 2016

        Thanks buddy! I’ve made a new commitment to do this more. Thanks for the kinds words. Miss you!


    • KC Wright · June 16, 2016

      Love you Patty G!


  2. lrothfuss · June 16, 2016

    KC, I was just thinking about Julie the other day.Wow -what a gift! Keep praying -we are in a huge battle! It has gotten worse, restaining order against my own son whom I love! We go to court on Monday. He’s homeless jobless still. Pray-one night he slept in a storage unit until the owner found out. Life -we speak life over Jason and a right mind inJesus’ Name!

    Love U Linda >


    • KC Wright · June 16, 2016

      Praying and love you and Dan so much. We win and Jesus is Lord!


  3. · August 10, 2016

    KC, I am up late tonight just reading through emails I haven’t had a chance to get to for quite sometime … I have been reading several of your messages tonight and this one really hit home with me … I would like to ask that you put Samuel on that daily prayer list of yours … he is struggling with his faith and another issue … I know the Word has been planted deep in his heart and soul … and I claim the power of the Holy Spirit to take control and defeat / rebuke what ever is not of God out of and away from Samuel … in Jesus name.

    Thank you my friend … the more people we have praying for Samuel the louder it will be when it reaches Heaven …

    Blessings to you always my friend …

    Curtis Wolfe Director Premier Platinum Pacesetter Illuminate Leadership Team – Powered by USANA (210) 232-8516


  4. · August 10, 2016

    KC … this is another great one … If i send this to Samuel he probably won’t read it … but I would like to ask you to send it … even blind cc him along with others … prayerfully when he sees your name he’ll read it …

    His email address is:

    Thanks brother!! Blessings!


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