When Running Is Easy.

A son in the Bible asked for his father’s inheritance early.  He more or less was saying, “I wish you were already dead, Dad.”

He took his inheritance, ran away and blew all the money.  Having nothing left, he ended up eating out of a trough with pigs.

That is when his “Aha moment” occurred.

He asked himself, “What am I doing here?” So he got up and went to his father.  He knew his father was good and knew his heart and character. This story goes on to say that the father was looking for his son from afar off. When he saw his son returning, he ran! He ran to his son grateful for his return.

Before a sincere apology or a long list of excuses, the father ran to his son because he was just thrilled his son had finally come home.

There is nothing like coming home.

“The father kissed him and welcomed him to all he had.”   Luke 11:32

A story that perfectly represents God’s love for you, friend.  That’s a Father’s Love!

He is looking for you right now.

Think outside the stained glass windows and Christian television preachers with slicked back hair with one hand on the Bible and one in your pocket.

You have a real Dad who adores you and loves you and knows everything about you and still says…

“I love you!”

You may go days without even thinking of God but there’s never a moment when He’s not thinking of you.

“My thoughts toward you are countless as the sand on the seashore.”  Psalms 139:17-18  

It’s hard to wrap our minds around a love like that.

Many of us have grown up with broken relationships with strained, absent or based on conditions with our earthly father.

God, our Heavenly Father, isn’t like that.

His love is unconditional.

Nothing can even separate you from the Father’s love.

None of these things:

“Not death or life, not angels nor demons, not our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow–not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.”   Romans 8:38

Several times a day, I say out loud, “God loves me. My Father Loves Me. God is good to me. My Father is watching over me. God is for me and not against me.”

His arms are wide open waiting for you to run to him.  God knows the worst about you. Nonetheless, He is a loving Father who loves YOU the most.   

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” 1 John 3:1

The Best Gift

She was a joy!  She had a smile from ear to ear and oh how she loved  Jesus.  He was the reason her smile was always bigger than the state of Texas.

She stopped by the church on a Friday as I was working.  She drove by just to give me a hug and tell me how sorry she was for missing my father’s funeral.  I remember the day.  I remember that hug.

She was on the radio that coming Sunday.  I listened while I ironed my shirt for church.  She shared how sure she was that heaven had cotton candy clouds.  REAL clouds made of cotton candy.  I laughed, “Only Julie!” I thought.  I almost called to tell her that I loved her and to thank her again for stopping by the church on that Friday.  I wish I would have…because by the following Friday…she was gone.  I heard stories from friends on how people from all over rushed to the hospital to pray for her.  In the midst of the crowded hospital waiting room that day someone spoke up as friends and family had gathered saying, “Guys, you know Julie, if she gets one glimpse of Jesus she’s not coming back to us.”  He was right.

Hundreds of us gathered, not one empty seat, to celebrate her life.  It was truly something to hear the stories of how God was with us in the form of this friend we called “Julie.”  The day was bright and beautiful, a reflection of her, we released balloons as our final earthly good-bye.  It was so much a celebration!  It was the way she would have wanted it, the way she lived her life, one big “Celebration!”  I was so taken in by the moments there that I forgot to grieve, the reality of earth’s loss and heaven’s gain however hit me hard on the drive home.  I remember pulling over to the side of the road to let the tears flow, I cried buckets.  My love ran deep for this treasured friend.

Years later her name came up in conversation.  Amazing, how a comment from someone can actually take your breath away and make time stand still momentarily.  “KC, recently I was able to read some of Julie’s old prayer journals” she confided, “and your name is written everywhere.  She prayed for you KC.  She called on God many times for you.  She really loved you KC.”  My heart sunk, I had no words.

The Gift.

That day, knowing that Julie had prayed for me and knowing who I am now and remembering who I was, reflecting on her prayers, each one had come to pass.  I believe with all my heart our prayers are never wasted.  They are tangible, powerful, and life giving and those prayers last longer than we do.  They cover us, surround us, and continue on long after we leave this earth.  I’m the minister, father, husband that I am because of “the Gift”, the precious gift of an uttered prayer on my behalf.

So Julie, I don’t believe they have blogs in Heaven but THANK YOU!!  I have names in my journal who I’m speaking the Word over and crying out for them just as you did for me.  I love and miss you and all these years later, I am still beyond thankful for your gift.

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”  James 5:16



I believe in a God…who cares, who holds, who loves.  Who’s not distant or untouchable.
Who is as close to you and I as the air we breathe, and everything that matters to you, right now, matters to Him.  I believe He loves you more that you can comprehend; His thoughts toward you are countless.

I believe He heals not only the body but He heals everywhere we hurt…the brokenness, the past, the soul, the marriage, the loss, the unimaginable hurt, our family.  I believe He loves and He longs.  He hears and He answers.  He longs for us to know Him more.  I believe He hurts for His children.  He grieves for those whom the enemy has captive.

I believe He is seen everywhere.

I believe when we speak the name of  JESUS supernatural power is available.

I believe His word is 100% true and accurately prophetic, scientifically proven, holy and eternal.  Armies of Angels stand at attention when His Word is read.  His Word is healing medicine to you and me, we who are so far from home.  Like a hot shower or a good night’s sleep it soothes and comforts us.  It’s not an option, its life sustaining and life fulfilling.  His Holy written Word is filled with promises for YOU, for me!  Every promise kept by the faithful “promise keeper” sealed with a rainbow as a reminder.
I believe Heaven and Earth will one day pass away but NOT His Word.  I believe His Word is eternal and is a love letter penned for each of us.  I believe our loved ones and saints gone before us still study His Word.  Heaven is filled with His life giving Word.

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Teacher, and the Comforter.  He is the daily reminder that you’re not alone in all this.

I believe in loving people right where they are.  That’s how He found me.  That’s the day Heaven touched Earth and I was set free, filled with His Spirit and sealed with a promise and now sent to tell the world that I believe.
I believe He uses the “nobody…” the least and the last, the uneducated the one with the “bad name….” anyone…. anywhere…the shepherd boy and the one everyone overlooks and forgets.  I believe He uses anyone He wants so His power is displayed for all to see.  Showing that He is alive and well and still performing miracles.  The blind see, the dead are raised to life and any minute of any day we can start again.

That’s what I believe.

I believe the news headlines are matching what I believe.  I believe the birth pains are happening on the Earth more frequently and coming rapidly closer and closer together…I believe in the signs of the times and believe something is about to be born.

Do you hear the call?  Do you sense it?  Do you feel deep within something is coming?
A call of urgency is what I believe more and more.

I believe the sky will split and our King will return and every knee will bow and every eye will see.

That’s what I BELIEVE.

If We

Ferguson. Iraq. Israel. Have mercy.

We watch the news and quickly turn it off.  In the midst of bills and careers and family issues we rush on with our day. It doesn’t affect my life.  It’s a living nightmare for “those people” but I’ve got enough stress, enough heartache, I can’t handle to even watch this.

“Our world is sick!” you shout and go along with your day.


I have amazing; thrilling news ~ God does in fact have an answer! And yes, in your cubicle at the office in your middle of nowhere town, in the midst of the craziness of life, you and I can do truly do something.

God Says…

“When my people (that’s us) humble themselves—the ones who are called by my name (that’s you) pray, seek me, and turn away from their evil ways, I myself will listen/hear from heaven, I will pardon/forgive their sins, and I will HEAL/restore their land.” II Chronicles 7:14 

Did you hear the best part?  HEAL their LAND… HEAL their LAND; those words give me the same feeling from my head to my toes like the word VACATION or CHRISTMAS.

This land is in THE ER!  We need healing, call in the surgeons, the doctors, do we have a Pastor?  We need the HEALER!

We need healing from the top of the world to the bottom of the world and all the way around the world and God promises to send HEALING like a flood…if we would  JUST do our part. What if we picked a country or a city or a town or village and prayed?  If we spoke the Living Word and the mighty name of JESUS over that territory and truly “lived out” the Word.

What if with the same ice bucket challenge zeal we declared on social media became “I’m John and I take the prayer challenge from God.  I’m praying for _____ and I challenge _____.  You have 24 hours.”  What if we CALLED and GOD answered?  WHAT if it’s really true and HE in fact would bring HEALING to a SICK world if we just simply asked?

So we have our “To Do” list, right? We have our marching orders from heaven!

*Humble ourselves


*Seek God

*Turn from Sin





* Forgive Us

*Heal Us

The thoughts come immediately;

Do my prayers matter?

I have issues!

I have thoughts far from God thoughts.

I’m not…

Do You know what I’ve done Lord?

Just stick to the promise,

If we … He will…

If we… He will…

If we… He will.

God’s Promise…

“If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  II Chronicles 7:14

Ferguson. Iraq. Israel. Have mercy.